Yaw independent rotation in global direction?

I have many actors that are rotated locally on Z axis, so each one has different Yaw. I want to rotate them towards one global direction, but I can’t figure out how. Is it even possible?

To be exact, I want to be able to rotate actors just like it’s possible in editor when using global coord gizmo. So no matter how they’re rotated, I can still rotate them towards one global irection, for example, purely towards global positive X - but without changing their Yaw!

if your yaw controlls the root/actor, you’re talking about the same axis and it can’t have 2 values. if you have a camera or a sub component that is controlled by input yaw then the root/actor can have it’s own rotation.

Yes, that’s what I meant. I’ve changed my description, “they have different Yaw’s” >>> “each one has different Yaw” - I hope now it’s clear :slight_smile:

One more example on what I’m trying o accomplish: Some kind if wind effect, where all trees bend towards one global direction, no matter what Yaw they have. For now, if all trees have rotation (0,0,0), but one tree is locally rotated on Z axis, it will rotate differently.

Well, since it’s probably directly impossible, it needs some workaround:

I’ve created a local component for my actors, that LOCALLY controls their rotation and exposed rotator variable to change it through Class Defaults tab instead of using editor rotation. This way DefaultSceneRoot of actor is always at 0,0,0 rotation, but local meshes and other components are rotated.

This way I must rotate these actors through Actors’ Details tab instead of editor gizmo, but at least it works.