Yaw controls inverted when character's pitch or roll is above 180 degrees

I found a work around for UE4’s pitch issues (unable to pitch camera +/- 90 degrees) by creating a Player Camera Manager blueprint and editing the values for min and max pitch & roll. That blueprint is now my Player Controller’s Player Camera Manager Class and everything works great until my character is pitched 180 degrees (upside down basically). At this point, moving my mouse to the left yaws the camera to the right and vice versa. Rolling the character causes issues for yaw as well.

I’m trying to create a control scheme for zero gravity where the player can yaw, pitch, and roll their character 360 degrees while floating. WASD to move forward/back/right/left, Mouse to pitch and yaw the camera and character, Q & E to roll the camera and character.

I’ve attached screenshots of my Player Controller and Player Camera Manager (event graphs and details tabs). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Am I attacking this the right way? I can take additional screenshots or even video if needed.

i think that what we called gimbal lock. if you use code. you can have access to FQuat (rotation in quaternion) if you use FRotator(it uses Euler space)- that would likely to make us have a gimbal lock. you also have an access to FQuat via actor.transform

did you manage to fix that in blue print ? i am having the same issue…