Y up Orientation

Is there? or will there ever be a option to change the default axis which is up. 

I find most software we are using is Y up. 


I understand there are ways around the problem, but would be easier if you could just change the software to suit our needs rather than making work arounds?


hello, we are planning to add an option to export models with Y up;

please use the search field before you start a new topic in the future, thank you

Thank you for the update. Appreciate if this feature will be rolled out asap.

I am fully agree. More then 3 years have passed since this option were requested. And we hope that you will just add it)

Has this been implemented already? It seems such a trivial thing but would save a lot of time in our pipeline.

changing the rotation axis and scale of a model upon import into RC (not just export from RC) would be very helpful as well.