Xsens and UE4 Intergration Issue

Hey guys.
We are having this issue that we use a motion capture suit from Xsens and we use their software MVN Animate Pro but we cant seem to blend our animations properly in Unreal.
We want to retain the original motion of the motion capture but the effect is the root doesn’t follow the character. The way we export in MVN animate is -> Export | Single Level

This way we keep the motion and the animation looks good and no ice skating
But it doesn’t blend with other animations because the root is centered to them

The way we found to fix it is to use -> Export | No level In Mvn Animate

and the effect is that the root and pelvis are linked and the character animates in place
which fixes our problem but creates a new one… we lose the realistic motion and sometimes it introduces

In this picture the character is supposed to be standing tall and spiting in a bucket near him
but when his pelvis moves it retains its position and rotates the legs instead of moving the pelvis a bit

In this picture the pelvis doesn’t move when the character sits so he starts floating.

Even if we manage to adjust the pelvis in Autodesk Maya for example we still lose the original movement because the character moves in place.

We want to keep the original motion of the animation but be able to blend with other animations.

We tried to Offset the following animations after the first one it works but sometimes due to data mismatch in the pelvis we get either weird rotations in the blending in Sequencer
or we get teleporting because the Mo Caps weren’t recorded perfectly and there is at least a bit of mismatch in the way the person recorded.

We will pay you whatever price you ask to help us with our problem and find us a solution