'Xref' style assets?

Hey, im wondering, is there any way to implement an asset library for use across multiple unreal projects without having to add the entire library and all materials into the content folder each time?
an example would be that you have 600 assets that may be used across multiple project files but only maybe 300 random ones would be used each time. It seems inefficient to have to import all 600 if only 300 are used? This isnt for game dev its for archvis projects . But yeah it seems strange that you cant just reference an asset in a folder somewhere and load it when its required from a library. unless you can and im missing it?

Some context may be useful. I work for a company that deals in construction and interior design and we have a 3ds max fixture library that is automatically populated over the cad plans we recieve in 3ds max. We use TS Tools to grab the positions of each piece of kit to lay them out in unreal. the problem is every time i have to copy the entire unreal asset library across to ensure i will have all the assets to hand easily enough. So can anyone suggest a way of implementing a library system where the content isnt in the project but is stored somewhere like a network drive and only actually grabs and moves the content to the project folder when its required because having hundreds of assets causes some major file bloat.

I dont know if it’s the best way, but you could just move your assets into the “engine content” folder. Then you can access the files from all your projects. :slight_smile:

If you move your .uproject file into the same place as your other one they will share the same assets and can see the others maps. The only catch with this is that if you modify one blueprint it will modify the others. Also if you delete one project it will delete both.

Would that import all the assets every time i make a new project though?

I think it wont import the assets, because they are accessible from every project -> they are saved and located in your engine install directory (like the sky sphere/texture) :slight_smile:

That sounds promising. i remember seeing a thread a while back where someone requested this exact feature for archvis and a staff member liked the idea and passed it on. not sure if that means anything but hopefully its in development :D. ill give it a try and report back.