XRay Sphere in Unreal

Hello! I just migrated from Unity to Unreal and I’m really enjoying the engine … Where I work we used the “X-ray” effect a lot in our projects, at Unity we had a good X-ray effect and now I want to create one for Unreal. Following the tutorial below I was able to create a basic X-ray effect. See the video result: X-Ray or Inspector Effect- (UE4 Material Tutorial) - YouTube But I need to do something more beautiful, similar to the one in the video below: Could someone help me? I’m not asking you to do it for me, just to give me a direction to follow or to show some good tutorial … I want to convince my bosses that Unreal is better than Unity and for that I need to recreate all the elements and components we had at Unity. … thank you all for your attention! Sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian and I’m not good at english

Check out sphere masks: