Xml parser

Hi i want to know the class that should i use to load a xml file, and the includes too. Should be Xmlfile.h, Fxml,…???


Thanks, i will try, it just for reading a text from a xmlFile and save it in a FString to draw it in Canvas

You need to include “XmlParser.h” and your module should depend on “XmlParser” in its Build.cs file.
You load an XML file using the FXmlFile class, either using its constructor or the LoadFile method (which its constructor wraps).

Bear in mind that this is NOT a generic XML implementation and various features may or may not work. It was built internally to work in specific circumstances (plist loading/saving and SVN command results parsing) so there will be parts of the specification that aren’t implemented or are incorrect.

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I have same question…

I had to insert ‘XmlParser’ in Build.cs file and
include ‘XmlParser.h’. ( #include “Runtime/XmlParser/Public/XmlParser.h” )

Then I wrote :
FXmlFile testXml = new FXmlFile();*

But it was error!

How can i use xml command?

Include the XmlParser inside the cs file like this

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”, “XmlParser” });

Then include the .h file

#include “XmlParser.h”

it should works, if not then write the error

you have decided this issue?

There’s a plugin which fully support XML read/write and table mapping, it can be used in both blueprints and c++. Tiny Xml Integration in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace