XIII Classic need help with upscaling cutscenes

Hello, recently I got back to XIII classic and I thought it’d be fun to try and upscale textures and cutscenes. For now I started with cutscenes but as it takes long time to upscale for me on AMD graphics I’ve upscaled one 58 seconds long video so far. I had to convert it to mkv then upscale it and then convert it back to bik. I’ve loaded the game save in the level before the cutscene takes place but when I get to the end of the level and when cutscene should be played I get an error: ugameengine:tick<-updateworld<-mainloop I thought it could be the FPS problem because I also made this cutscene 50FPS instead of 25. I’ve also resized it to max 4:3 resolution as before I tried to make it 1080p and it gave me an error. Changing the FPS back to 25 and scale to 4:3 didn’t help me so I decided to ask for help. I’m not sure if it’s a game engine limitation as its made in Unreal Engine 2 or if I would have to change something in game script for it to work. I also thought it could be a problem with file size as the file that had highest size was around 83mB and my new upscaled file was around 130mB but in the end I got it to be around 80mB as well and still got the problem. I’d appreciate the help if anyone has any ideas what might be the cause. I’ve searched around the internet with the error I’ve got but people had it in other games and without modding anything so I didn’t really find anything useful. It could also be the problem with the codecs as I converted the file multiple times. Thanks in advance!