Xgen Hair Groom Material Locked

So i imported the hair, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows and peachfuzz all separate into UE but i wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions how to shade the hair. I tried to use the Meet Mike Digital Human hair material but when i apply it it still uses the HairDefaultMaterial so i may need to manually shade it or copy the material nodes. I cant seem to be able to change the material.
Nothing works, even if i open the groom objects itself and add custom materials there and save it still uses the default hair matarial, i added it as a groom component so maybe that is the cause?
Same in UE4, material blocked, can use other materials.

I figured it out, there is a hidden setting in the material to be used a Hair Strands, checking that will allow to use the material for groom objects that use strands.