XCOM2 - How do you separate console commands and run multiple commands on one line?

This is for the XCOM 2 Unreal Engine. In the game you type a tilde and the command line console comes down.

There is no problem with one command at a time ( additem corpsesectoid 1 ).

How do I execute two (or seven!) on the SAME LINE, IN SERIES? I tried all kinds of different language separators ( ;, &, &&, :, <<<).

I would like to type giveengineer 7 giveengineer 7 giveengineer 7 etc…

The console is only executing the first “giveengineer” and truncates the rest of the line into oblivion (located in the Federal Reserve Bank).

So, it is not a semicolon or colon or ampersand - so what is it?

This isn’t important but I would love to know. It is probably also important to know how long of a string or set of strings I can use (255?).

If anyone can answer this I would certainly be grateful.


Hello There! Apologies about the necro!
Since this post seems to still be the one of the first search results regarding the topic, and it continues to not have an answer, I’m answering it for anyone who finds it in the future!

You can insert multiple commands in XCOM 2 using the “|” symbol.

As such, If you wanted to type multiples “giveengineer 7”, you would have to write it like this:
giveengineer 7 | giveengineer 7 | giveengineer 7

Hope this helps somebody!
Good Luck Commanders!