Xcode workspace in 4.10.2 - when built against Rocket deletes shipping UE4Editor.app

When you use the new Xcode workspace generated in 4.10 (compared to the project generated from 4.9 and earlier), if your Unreal project is linked against the launcher/Rocket version of the engine, as opposed to a source code build, it can delete the UE4Editor.app from /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.10/ when you use ⌘⇧K or select Product->Clean from the menus.

The project where I’m seeing this was previously linked to a source engine build, so it may not be a general problem, but rather something that happens if you switch from Source to Rocket

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Thank you for reporting this. While we do already have a bug report in for this under the number UE-23624, you have provided more information than was on the original report, namely what exact file was being deleted. If this is blocking you from using the Binary build, you should be able to retrieve the deleted file by using the Verify option from the launcher for that particular engine version.

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This issue still happens with UE 4.25.3 … this continues to make iOS dev very difficult to have to fix this problem after any clean that is done. This needs to be fixed.