Xcode, visual studio, VS code - all what you need about IDE is here, I believe

Spoiler - because you dont have time and I know that:
– if you are looking for a quick solution for any problems with IDE and just start to code - go and use the Rider for Unreal. Subscribe, get free version for 3 month and use it. (Its not an adv, just exp)
– If you are looking for understanding whats going on, how the build system works, how to setup your own environment - watch that video - Unreal Engine C++ Project Setup, From Scratch - YouTube

I spend a few days just to start to work comfortable with an Engine on my mac. I tried to setup Xcode, VSCode, watched many smart and weird videos, tried many definitions, deletions, advises, changes…
Oh I was so angry, didnt sleep and saw topics here, on that forum, like “Anybody can setup /your IDE here/?”.
Before start to code and learn the Engine I was totally demoralized and demotivated. I know that in the future it will be hard to work with Engine because of a ton of different issues (it is fine), but that first step shouldn’t be such hard. This entry threshold is unreasonably high.
So, experience - is a name we give to our mistakes.
The best solution, I believe for today, for starting to code right here right now - is the Rider for Unreal from Jet Brains. It is just developing now, but everyone can get a stable and perfectly connected with an Engine IDE. Seriously, just try.
Or if you are curious - watch the video from the spoiler above, repeat all the steps and figure out how the build system works.

Be happy guys, hope it help to save you time and will make your life easier.

What for really, I can use any editor I like, I hit save after I’m done writing my code , press ALT-TAB and press the compile button in unreal.

Why do people have fixations of compiling from the IDE.

You can even use primitive note pad and to make it more comedy like add some key bindings to it for auto complete in C++ and unreal, key binding sniplets.

I actually have better compilation times than others who use over complicated IDEs to compile their work who have a better computer than mine.

You shouldn’t be using the compile button - That’s called hotreload, and it’s completely broken. Most bug questions’ troubleshooting steps start with “did you use hotreload?”

You should be running with debugger attached from your IDE, or using live coding for .cpp file changes.

What do you mean hot reload, if you open task manager you will see CL.exe and build tools pop up in the regular fashion. If you go to disk activity you will see the processes, they look regular.

Hot reload is when you created a new class(new Cpp and h file) and it fails or compiles on hot reload.
Meaning it compiled a bunch of things for creating the class and now it’s reloading again the header tools to compile the small code that is actually in class/page.

This isn’t really a debate.

I only compile like that, and I’m fine with the editor open.
I only compile from the editor.

My friend you should check out what hot reload is.

What is hot reload?
[javascript - What is the difference between Hot Reloading and Live Reloading in React Native? - Stack Overflow](javascript - What is the difference between Hot Reloading and Live Reloading in React Native? - Stack Overflow> hot-reloading-and-live-reloading-in-react-native)

Hot Reload: Hot reload is used to refresh only the file in which code is change. Live Reload: >Live Reload is used to refresh the whole app it does not concern in…

So hot reload is the header passes some instructions again after it finished creating the class.

Hot reload is *used to refresh only the file in which code is change

So it creates the file then it refreshes it because now it needs to compile the small part, the actual code in the page, the class it has, so after building the new class it reloads and compiles now what is in the pages.

Hitting compile in the editor is not hot reload.

Yeah cheers mate, but we’re working with Unreal Engine here, not React Native.

Did you actually read the link I sent?

It’s fine, it works for me, there is an actual editor in unreal engine an IDE that people don’t know about, and it has compile button from the editor.

Whatever works for you.
Hot reload is an auto refresh system, after the class is done building the structure. cpp and h, it will auto reload (hot reload) and compile the code inside the pages.

It even says in the page, it builds the biniaries when you build the class

Hot Reloading is the process of “compiling new DLL files” while the editor is open and loading them. While Hot Reload often works for a while, it is unreliable and frequently causes blueprint corruption or other issues (more info below). Most users recommend avoiding Hot Reloading entirely, which means you need to close the editor to compile safely.

The New Dll when you build the class, it creates that

Yeah whatever works for you dude, just don’t go around telling people that compiling from the editor is a good choice.

It’s a good idea for who ever decides it is, and It’s sure not hot reload, hot reload is when you build the binary for the class for the first time and then it reloads to compile the rest (actual code in the cpp pages) after it first build and compiled the biniaries for the new created class file system.

Where did you get that from ?
Hot reload is when the compiler reloads , it auto reloads to finish the job, it’s not a manual thing.

Fine by me, what ever works for you.

How can it be hot reload if the editor it’s self has a build in IDE with a compile button.
Makes no sense what you say.

From the link I sent you!

The compile button triggers a Hot Reload!

Hello Everyone!

This is about to go way off topic, my friends. The OP offered an IDE option for others to consider. Now we’re veering into a debate about Hot Reload. Please remember to remain civil and remain on topic.

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It triggers a hot reload ?
I don’t understand.
Hot reload is when the build system is running already and it just refreshes while running.

What even works for you, it’s people choise really.
My opinion is that you can get faster compilation times because the ide you use has to talk to the game engine, and if the compiler is set thru an ide it takes a longer time as opposed to if you only have build tools installed with compiler without visual studio IDE.

Maybe that is why it is hot reload for you, because you have a scheme thru the VIsual Studio IDE while I don’t, my game engine is not wirred with visual studio.

Your setup is different than mine, I only have Microsoft C++ build tools and compiler without any visual studio, so the C++ dependencies are directly hocked up to the game engine. No hot reload for me, only when I finish creating a new class, because it needs to reload and finish up the code in the new pages

This is an old thread of mine.
Building with unreal build tools my project, I get an Error - C++ Programming / Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums

I replied only to this thread based on" my past problems " to get rid of the problems I had because I did not like heavy IDEs like Visual Studio or any other IDE like that for that matter that slows your compiling time down.

The video in my post is also enlighting from that guy that explains everything very nice.
It’s actually on topic, I don’t like derailing things

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I think I’m going to post this here since it would be a great addition to this thread, since it’s about IDE’s

It’s about IDEs and if you really need them or not. I had problems of this sort so it’s why I posted here. The Visual Studio Crowd wants to eat me up for breakfast that’s their problem

So if you want to compile from command prompt or from editor here you go, you don’t need IDE. :slight_smile:
I don’t even use sublime.

It is funny, because that video was posted in the first message of this topic :upside_down_face:

Yeah it’s why I posted here, i would not post on this if I did not debate over it an year ago on this video and errors I had setting things up.

Why would you think I even posted in this thread, I agree with this idea.
Here is my old thread on this video, it’s about an year old.
Building with unreal build tools my project, I get an Error - C++ Programming / Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums

But I said that you could go further if you wanted and not install at all visual studio

What for really, I can use any editor I like, I hit save after I’m done writing my code

It’s a good idea you reposted this video, and this guy who made the video was around the forum some time ago when I made my old thread.

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