XCode project generation is painful

Hi there,

I have to admit some frustration at the current state of XCode project generation - perhaps I’m doing something wrong but right now it seems very error prone and awkward, due to a combination of Unreal Engine behavior and XCode bugs.

When you generate a new Xcode workspace it loses all the provisioning, certificate and bundle data. I find myself having to hand edit:

  1. bundle ID (it defaults to an epicgames bundle ID).
  2. Provisioning profile
  3. Certificate
  4. App Exe (this is new, in 4.10 I don’t remember having to do this)
  5. Perhaps some other stuff it complains about…

Due to a bug in XCode after changing the provisioning profile I need to restart xcode, I found this out after finding other people needing to do it online, this has removed a fair amount of frustration as prior to knowing this I would try changing more and more settings in xcode and generally get my knickers in a twist [I’m not a natural iOS developer having spent most of my career on consoles and PC so this is definitely in at the deep end but getting easier].

Setting the bundle ID is another source of frustration, for some reason my xcode loses focus from the edit box on every letter entered, so you need to copy paste it in.

Having XCode try and fix anything as it so helpfully offers has generally been a disaster, though every now and again I try and let it just to see if it’s learnt something while I wasn’t looking.

I’m rambling. This is what I want… in one line

  1. All of the above information copied into the workspace on generation.

Easy right? Whoever does it first is owed many beers/drink of choice.