Xcode failed to parse the contents of the info.plist

Ok so testing I’ve got to this stage.

Running UE 4.15.2
Set up new C++ Project (SideScroller Template)
It loads and runs fine.
In Xcode (8.3.2) it shows a few errors but after clicking (and letting Xcode do it’s magic) they go away and the build succeeds.


under “identity” it shows “Xcode failed to parse the contents of the info.plist”
under “info” it shows “Information from info.plist not available. File may not exist at specified path.”

I’ve checked under Build Settings -> Packaging and all the paths link to the files that exist there (they are all named projectname-info.plist)

What’s the deal? is UE making dodgy plists? do I need to rename them? put them somewhere else? Alter them? somehow recreate them?

Just to add…

If I set up a blank template from Xcode, it will have no problems with info.plist.
It’s all set up and I can just hit build and get it running on my iPhone.
So there’s something in between UE and Xcode that isn’t quite right

Am also getting this. Using 4.16.3 for compatibility reasons. Any idea?