XCode: Cleaning the project deletes the Unreal Binary

This is a rather frightening bug: Whenever I clean my project (from within Xcode), I have to reinstall Unreal because the process deletes the Unreal editor binary (UE4Editor.app).

XCode 7.0.7, OS 10.10.4 and Unreal Engine 4.10.0.

Hey -

This is a known issue that is currently being investigated (UE-23624). You can still use Clean from XCode however rather than having to reinstall you can choose to Verify the engine version from the launcher to regenerate the affected files.


That’s really helpful, thank you!

I’m using a source build. When I clean my game project in VS, it also cleans the engine binary, which results in a ~20-30 minute build time. Is this a result of this bug? Or should I open a new question tagged as a bug report? Or is this intended behavior?

It is likely that the two are releated. I will edit the report to include this updated information.

Still not fixed, the editor should be excluded here, most people work on game or plugins and don’t touch the editor code.
Verifying from the launcher needs too much time. You should be fine to just restore a copy from the UE4Editor.app via TimeMachine, by hand or script. Just testing this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, noticed the same issue - funny one.