Xcode Can not get past Code Sign error

Xcode Can not get past Code Sign error

H guys!

I am having a very big problem with Xcode right now that is preventing me from doing any work at all right now. Signing.

Please check the picture.

The thing is, my project has nothing at all to do with iOS or Android or iPads or iPhones. My game is for Mac/Windows only. I have confirmed that this issue is also happening on new blank projects.

I have gone through every setting on Xcode that I can see including Signing and Capabilities along with all the build settings NOTHING gets rid of it. On top of that I have google searched to death and nothing has helped. I have now lost half a day of work because of this stupid issue that just randomly started happening out of nowhere.

Maybe there is something I am just not seeing? Some setting? Has anyone seen this before?

MacOS version: Big Sur 11.2.2
Xcode: 12.3

Is there any other information that I can provide that would be helpful?

Plug that error into a DDG or Google search string and you’ll find several people having such problems with solutions. There are a couple of good responses on stackoverflow. They aren’t related to UE4, but they are applicable. I had it on the last OS and version of XCode and I believe I created a new self-signed cert in the keychain application, then everything magically worked. Some people report just unlocking the keychain and relocking it to fix it. Thankfully, since I’ve been on Big Sur and XCode 12.4, it skips the codesign process due to a missing info.plist, every compile gives me a warning but it works.