Xcode and code completion

Hey everyone, I’m working through some of the tutorials right now. One issue I’m running into is Xcode and its lack of code completion. It’s not an issue right now but man that’s something I really rely on my IDE for. I’ve tried downloading the source and adding the header path to the “header search path” in Xcode and that works for some things like the AGameMode class but it doesn’t work for everything. This kinda stinks because I really use the “jump to definition” feature a lot to view header files while I’m developing if I have any question about something (before pulling up the real documentation anyway). Anyway does anyone know how I can configure Xcode to recognize the UE4 code? If it’s just not possible is there a way to make it work in Visual Studio? I’m not opposed to writing code in VS I just need my Mac to build for iOS.

I have same problem with Xcode. AppCode does some things better but same problem.

I’m sorry, but we weren’t able to fully polish this in time for release. Making it better is very high on our todo list and you can expect improvements soon.

For detailed description of current state and how UE4 Xcode projects work, please see here:

In short: we don’t use normal Xcode targets, but rather external tool targets and build with our UnrealBuildTool. Code completion and syntax highlighting works for us mostly fine in UE4 project from source, but only after Xcode finishes indexing the project, which takes a lot of time. That said, we’ve had reports that it’s not working right in game projects outside of UE4 source tree and we are investigating.

Do you plan on using normal Xcode targets in the future?

Right now, I cannot see the build progress, as in a normal Xcode project.