Xcode 13 Build With 4.25/4.26

Hi guys, i have problems builinds my games. I have 2 games one over 4.25 and other on 4.26.

The problem is my mac was updated to Monterey OS and Xcode 13. I cant made a downgrade xcode.
When i try to build, give me an error related Workspece legacy.

IOS packaging error The Legacy Build System will be removed in a future release. You can configure the selected build system and this deprecation message in File > Workspace Settings.

I see on 4.27 this was fixed, but i cant migrate my games to 4.27, the migration tool give me a lot of errors.

Here the fix for 4.27:



Any idea???

Im blocked with this…



I has fixed this installing xcode 12.5 using:

This is really good tool…

Thanks for fix for xcode 13!

App Store now only allow apps that are built using xcode 13 or later. No option to revert the xcode anymore. Is there still a fix for UE4.25 to build with xcode 13?

Bump. Any fixes for Xcode and UE4.25?