Xcode 13 Build With 4.25/4.26

Hi guys, i have problems builinds my games. I have 2 games one over 4.25 and other on 4.26.

The problem is my mac was updated to Monterey OS and Xcode 13. I cant made a downgrade xcode.
When i try to build, give me an error related Workspece legacy.

IOS packaging error The Legacy Build System will be removed in a future release. You can configure the selected build system and this deprecation message in File > Workspace Settings.

I see on 4.27 this was fixed, but i cant migrate my games to 4.27, the migration tool give me a lot of errors.

Here the fix for 4.27:



Any idea???

Im blocked with this…



I has fixed this installing xcode 12.5 using:

This is really good tool…

Thanks for fix for xcode 13!