Xcode 11.5 and UE 4.25 no code completion, syntax highlighting and errors

Does anyone run xCode + Unreal and have figured out how to get code completion and syntax highlighting enabled? Here I’ve just selected the FPS basic template for a new project, generated the xCode project and tried to type GetOwner() and you can see the xcode project doesn’t appear setup properly.

Also looks like header search paths configured for the game project in xCode look correct, and xCode has completed indexing - is there a specific configuration step that I need to be doing?

Thanks in advance

Sorry about the “me too” post, but I’m having the exact same problem and I am wondering if there is anything to do about it.

Does anyone use Xcode with Unreal Engine on a regular basis, or is it expected that you do most of your C++ work in Visual Studio? I can do both, but I was planning on doing this particular project on a Mac.

This has been a major Issue since Unreal Engine 4.25 for Mac users. Apparently there is a fix for 4.26 according to the Github repository. I have video on how to get it working using Visual Studio Code and will post a video later to get it working Xcode on the Mac.

Youtube link

Would love to get the video of it working in Xcode on Mac.

Is this an issue of the code completion not having the proper #defines set?