Xbox One / UWP testing

I am trying to package a project for UWP to test on my Xbox One developer console. I can successfully package the appx but the issue I’m having is whenever I try and play the game/application all I see is the splash screen and then it closes, the game never fully launches. Attached are several screenshots of the VS crash dumps.

A few things come to mind:

  • What Windows SDK are you building against? For UWP on Xbox One you’ll want to make sure that you’re on 14393.
    - Looks like you’re trying to run UWP32? I’d suggest sticking to UWP64 for Xbox One UWP.
    - I’d also recommend running your package through the Windows App Cert Kit, specifically the ‘Supported API Test’. Note that configurations other than Shipping have deliberate violations of this test. This allows for debugging capabilities on PC, but may cause runtime failures on other devices.  Your project’s usage of ThirdParty libraries may also affect this.
  • If you’re still hitting problems, you may be able to catch the failure slightly earlier than the dump does by launching the app under the debugger (in VS 2015, Debug->Other Debug Targets->Debug Installed App Package, then select Remote Machine and provide the IP address for your Xbox).

Finally a reminder that if your interest is in ultimately publishing something for Xbox One you should check out the ID@XBOX program (