Xbox One S (bluetooth) controller stops keyboard entry on macOS

Xbox One S wireless (using bluetooth) now has correct mappings on macOS which is really great BUT if you have the controller connected and on, its impossible to do any text entry.

To repro, connect the controller to your Mac and make sure it is open, open a UE4 project and open any blueprint, right click and attempt to type in the search bar.

There is a dotted outline around the context tick box, if this is on, they you cannot type.

This is with macOS 10.12.6
iMac 2012 and 2016

This is still happening with 10.13 and 4.18.2 :frowning: so bumping

This is happening to me too. What it is for me is the D pad UP is being press constantly.

The only way I’ve found around this is to install the driver that you can find on github called 360XboxController or something.

Its been a pretty long time but this is still happening with 4.24 on macOS Catalina. It is very frustrating especially as Xbox One S controller is now natively supported and still somehow if you connect the controller UE4 thinks the up arrow button is held down constantly. Clicking in a Content Browser with the mouse and the highlight/selection will zoom to the top. Even more frustratingly it does not work in game.

Yes, same here. Using 4.23.2 but haven’t trued current versions to see if fixed

Still happening with macOS 11.1 and UE 4.26.0, would add it as a bug but the issues page does not seem to allow submitting of issues at the moment

This is finally fixed in 4.26.1

This change has addressed it

It was not mentioned in the patch notes. The Left Stick and D-Pad can still navigate around in the content browser but at least the controller being on no longer makes the editor unusable!