Xbox one s bluetooth controller mapping UE4 Version 15

Hello, I am currently trying to create a VR game for android using the Xbox One S controller as input. I ran into a few issues, most of which I’ve managed to sort out however the mapping of the controller was the main issue. I mapped the controls out to the gamepad setting inside unreal and whilst the controller was plugged in via usb to my pc it worked fine, however when porting it over to my phone and connecting the controller via bluetooth the mapping changed. The face buttons were normal however the triggers are mapped to the right thumbstick Y axis. After accepting this and testing it, I ran into another issue. Whenever the right trigger (Accelerate (this is a racing game)) or left trigger (Reverse) is released after being pressed the car automatically reverses and wont stop until I accelerate again but the same happens after I stop accelerating. Im not sure whether I need to map the controller as something other than the gamepad or whether this shouldn’t work in the first place, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I integrated a pull request from GitHub into 4.16 which adds support for the XBox wireless controller which has different mapping. I made some small changes, but the code changes as-is would work if you want to use them in 4.15. You can get it from GitHub here:

Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a go

Edit: It says page not found

The link works fine :wink:

This is what I get when I click it. Tried it in two different browsers… How strange

Did you associate your GitHub account with your Epic account? You need to do this and be logged in to GitHub to use the link:

Ah, I hadn’t done that. Thanks for your help, I’m looking at everything now!