Xbox One not recognised

Hey guys,

Posted in the Xbox forum but not having much luck so thought I would give this a whirl!

So I have got my Xbox dev kit all set up and the source version of UE4 is running, but I cannot get UE4 to register the Xbox One, any thoughts? Just getting the No Devices Detected message in the image below.

Have gone through the set-up a few times now but cannot figure out what I have missed.



You probably won’t be helped here due to NDA, you should also watch out on what you writing in public

The laucher and public github UE4 don’t have xbox one code, so those deefinitly wont work with Xbox One. You need to get proper version of UE4, which i don’t know how to get as everything is under NDA


Yeah I have the “proper” version of Unreal but totally stumped on actually getting it working. Believe the NDA is to do with sharing the actual code so I think it is fine to just talk about (right!!??)