Xbox One: Error when building

Hi all, I’ve already posted this on the forums but not getting a response so far, so posting here.

‘C:\SVN\QUBE_2_Development\Binaries\XboxOne\appdata.bin’ package application data was not created, error = 0x80070057’

I’m receiving the above error when attempting to compile XboxOne - Development of my project. I’ve researched the error code and it states:

E_INVALIDARG is returned by
GetTemplateByName when the specified
template does not exist in the

I’m not entirely sure how to resolve this issue as I have ensured I have taken every step required to compile. Does anyone have any ideas?

Using March 2016 XDK, UE4 4.12, Visual Studio 2015


Hello ZeJudge,

Due to the NDAs surrounding Xbox One’s Development Software, we’ll be assisting you with this issue on the forums. Please check there for further correspondence. We should be able to respond soon.

Have a nice day!