XBox One Blueprint nodes or C++ ?

I am sure this doesn’t fall under NDA, so it would be nice to hear from XB1 devs and/or Epic.

I am looking into registering for XB1 as a developer and my game is most likely going to be 100% made with BP. I know there was a project released on PS4 that is entirely written in BP. So my question is this - after all said and done, and I get access to XB1 UE4, would I have to code all the bells and whistles for XB1 (achievements, leaderboards, etc.) using C++ or is XB1 stuff entirely can be done in BP ?

Thanks beforehand

What you’re asking is really “is there an OnlineSubsystem implementation available for Live! for Xbox One licensees?”

If you look in the public header file OnlineSubsystemNames.h, you will see among other things:



#define PS4_SUBSYSTEM FName(TEXT("PS4"))



@jwatte: Right, but while Steam is there too, it’s unusable in BP. That’s what I am concerned about for XB1. Plus, there might be some other things specific to XB1.

If you think the Xbox Live subsystem will have bugs, then yes, you will need C++ to fix those bugs.
If you tink the Xbox Live subsystem has features that are not exposed through the current blueprint nodes, then yes, you will need C++ to expose those features to blueprint.

Lol, it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s not a hypothetical system.

i think a better question for OP, is if he was to use the advanced sessions plugin, would he still need to go into cpp for anything?

Not sure if it’s relevant. Apparently a game can be made for PS4 without touching C++. The question is if it’s true for XB1 too (I assume I’d have to build engine for XB1, which isn’t a big deal; but missing XB1 related functionality in BP would be a big deal). So I don’t see how any plugins are relevant to this.

extremely relevant, as the existing blueprints are limited in their ability to work with online subsystems (for example, friends list, matchmaking, achievements etc) whereas this plugin will give him access to all of that in pure BP