Xbox Controller - Right Stick not recognized on Mac

On the Mac, the camera rotates using the triggers and not the right stick. Does this need to be changed in code or is there a work around using Blueprint? I saw a similar issue entered for a diagonal issue but I am not sure this is related. I went ahead and started a new bug.

I have been messing with the Third Person Blueprint Template. When I have my controller connected the camera moves to the bottom of the characters feet and starts to spin. I opened up the My Character Blueprint and unplugged the InputAxis TurnRate and InputAxis LookUpRate nodes. This stops the camera from spinning. I then started to add input events from the gamepad and print them to the screen to see what inputs the editor is recognizing from the controller. I seem to have found that the Gamepad Right X node is using the Left Trigger of the controller and the Gamepad Right Y trigger is using the right. When I reconnect the original InputAxis nodes I can then control the camera using the left and right triggers on the controller. Obviously this isn’t the intent. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a bug. Sorry about that. I just got a bunch of different gamepad models and will work on a fix.

No worries. Thanks for the reply.

Hi Michael! I see you have refactored the controller code in CL 2053342 :slight_smile: I have merged it into my forked 4.1 github branch and tested it. Works really well. I’ve sent you a pull request. Hopefully it’s okay and you accept it… I really needed that fix now :slight_smile: Thanks!


If you are using source code, this has already been fixed in upcoming 4.2 in the main branch. I have also merged a possible fix by Michael Trepka into the my forked 4.1 branch on github and sent the Epic guys a pull request. Hopefully they accept it and you get it fixed in 4.1.1. Either that or they integrate the change themselves before 4.1.1 update :slight_smile:


Hi TommyBear. Yeah, I did the refactor and hopefully this will solve those problems for good, but the new code did not pass the QA testing yet. I only tested this with PS3, Xbox 360 and some Logitech controller and I’m afraid we need to do some more testing on more devices before this can be included in official release (yes, even though the current state is broken on most controllers).