Xbox controller problem, always turn left

I have a problem when the Xbox360 controller is conected.

In my wheeled vehicle project, if I have the Xbox360 controller conected, when I play game, the car always turn left and full throttle. When it happens, I can’t control the car with xbox controller.

The only solution is disabling xbox controller, but then I can’t test the game with the xbox controller :frowning:

I am using Unreal Engine 4.16.2.

Any solution?


I have seen that there ara more people with this problem, and the only solution proposed is to disable the xbox controller… but this is not a solution. Is it a UE4 bug?

Move the joystick on your controller, there’s a good chance that it’s not quite centered so it’s just needs to be moved back to the 0 position. Might try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Thanks for reply.

Other games works fine (FIFA 17 or Rocket League, for example) in Windows 10.

I will test to activate the controller after project is loaded.

Yes, I did that too. I will try to unplugging it and plugging it again, but it’s annoying :frowning:

Activate the xbox controller after project loaded seems to work, but only in “Play selected viewport”, in “Play standalone game” the controller always turn left again.

My project uses the Vehicle Starter project as a base. I create a new Vehicle project and the car always turn left in Play selected viewport mode.

Maybe is a issue with default key bindings in Input project settings (Axis mappings to MoveForward)?

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Solved! the problem is in the Axis mappings in Input project settings. I have deleted the GenericUSBController Axis in MoveForward and MoveRight, and now works fine.


So the problem is still in genericUSBController in 2020 :wink: 4.24.3 :frowning: But thx to you Suburbia Games I haved manage to fix that in my project big thanks :slight_smile:


This worked thanks!