XAPK verification failed?


I recently posted my game on the Play Store (all works when I install it onmy phone using the provided .bat install script) but when I installed using the Play Store I had the ‘XAPK verfication failed’. So I made a new build of my game with the ‘Disable verify OBB on first start/update’ feature and re-uploaded both APK and OBB on the Play Store and the problem stills remain.

I don’t know what to do, I can not package the OBB in the APK because my games is more than 50 MB…


The easiest fix is to use OBB in APK (limit is 100 MB, not 50 MB now) if possible.

Did you check if it downloaded the OBB properly? The CRC check is done after download; the flag you turned off would only take effect if on second run the OBB was present. If it had to downlod the OBB it will always run the validation as last step (see onDownloadStateChanged() for IDownloaderClient.STATE_COMPLETED state.

It’s most likely obb is not found on desired location or it’s corrupted

Nope, because as I said, when I install the game using the BAT script (so the same OBB file), all works fine.

I think it’s a bug in some unknown circumstances. I receive many reports in my game CHASERS about this issue… But it looks like it’s not related to device model or Android version… What’s bad that this is on massive scale. About 10% game installations…

Maybe… A staff membre downloaded my game on a Nexus 5 and it worked, but not with the devices I used to test with… Kinda frustrating :confused:

Just bumping this. This is an issue for a project we are working on as well.