XAPK File validation failed

It packages fine, it uploaded fine to the Play store, but when opening it after download I get the XAPK FIle validation failed. What can be causing this? My app is under 50 mb.

This message should only occur if you didn’t package the OBB in the APK and failed to upload the OBB to the store. It has to be the same one created when packaging the APK since the APK embeds validation information about the OBB.

About 20% of players of my game also have this error… I packaged and uploaded OBB and APK properly… I can’t reproduce this issue but it definitely occurs in some situations but I don’t know when…

Could you tell me how to do that please?

It could be a failed download; that is what the verify is checking for. The code is validateXAPKZipFiles() in

Hii did anyone fix this issue

Why the apk not permission to the storage

[USER=“11153”]Chris Babcock[/USER] in 4.19 there is no issue with xapk file . But in 4.21 when i open the game the xapk file validation failed.

Very bad support forum. no one want to help here. Even unreal staff.

just ran into this ourselves. this error was due to the APK project built with a particular “store version number” (to look for) – but, the OBB file pulled down from the Google Play Store was not what you were expecting to run with.

in other words, you might have not updated this number (and you should)

  • Project Settings -> Platforms -> Android -> APK Packaging -> Store Version

  • as well as ensure you are uploading this OBB along with your apk

  • the following link will help you with this:


ALSO !!!

your OBB file may take up to 4 HOURS to show up on your device. please see my post here for details on this: