x360ce controller emulation and ue4

i’m working on a videogame with joystick compatibility, but ue4 engine isn’t helping me that much, apparently, the engine only works with the xbox360 and xbox one controllers (not sure about this one tho), but i have a logitech controller and another one that is generic, so i want my game to be fully or sort of compatible with any joystick, anyways, my problem comes when i try to emulate with the x360ce api, i know that you have to put the exe. inside the folder that includes the engine .exe but isn’t working in my case, i tried with the 64 and 32 bit version, none apparently working, then i tried to put it inside my project folder, no result either, any suggestions? and also, is it possible to make it work without emulating the xbox 360 controller? thanks in advance

I found it works perfectly so long as you follow the instructions (I used it to get a HOTAS working in UE4). Make sure that x360ce is definitely in the correct directory.

i’ve tried absolutely everything, from copying the x360ce files to every single .exe i found, to resetting the launcher everytime i connect the controller, and still no result

I can only assume it’s in the wrong directory. For the game it needs to be in the correct binaries folder; the one containing whichever actual binary is running.

\MyProject\Binaries\Win64 this is where i put the x360ce files, and still no result, oh and by the way, this is just inside the editor not a compiled game

Yeah, it’s the wrong binary. For the editor it needs to be in the same directory as the editor, not the game.

SOLVE: i had to manually picked the exe program file from the x360ce file, and of course setting the file in the editor \Epic Games\4.12\Engine\Binaries\Win64 and of course, thanks for your help and time :slight_smile:

For me x360ce didn’t work, I got to download the last x360ce_64 version from the website https://www.x360ce.com/ and then it worked!