X,Y,Z vs Forward, Right, Up


Do you know what is the norm of these 3 vectors, which is X, Y and Z.

I seen that there is a tons of combination. is there no standard for that ?

For Unreal Engine, it’s:

X = Forward

Y = Right

Z = Up

And personally I prefer to have:

X = Right

Y = Up

Z = Forward

Because according to a 2D space, X is Right and Y is Up, so logically, Z is Forward.

Also do you know the norm for CryEngine and Unity ?

Unity uses X=right/left, Y=up/down, and Z=forward/back but these are, as you say conventions. Even within the engines themselves things like samples and tutorials will be laid out with these conventions and yet a simple rotation means you can have your game use whichever layout you want. The reality is that, no, there is no accepted “standard” since axes labels are arbitrary anyway. The labels of XYZ themselves are just a convention.

Ok it’s just a convention and there is no standard but I have found this and it’s starting to confuse me:

So, do scientific really use that XYZ convention despite the fact that math use the XYZ describe above.