X bit heightmap for Terrain


i created a landscape with the Worldcreator demo, saved it as a 16bit .tif file and then converted it in GIMP to a .png file.
Windows is telling me, when i look into the properties, that it is a 32bit file.
UE4 on the other hand tells me that it is a 8bit file when i am importing the file. (and i really get this low res terracing effect on the terrain)
The file has a size of 2MB and a resolution of 1024x1024.
What is wrong with this file?


Can’t you just save it as 16Bit .png in the first place? or .r16

nope. I am trying to find out if there are some settings i have overlooked in GIMP.
Maybe i download another version.

Aaah, converted it online on some website. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyways.