X axis rotation frustration..

Hmm, for some reason it will let me rotate on the Y but not the X axis, i also use this in another project i have for an RTS and it works perfectly, but in this it seams to not want to use the X, ideas? What it is supposed to do is rotate the camera with the right mouse, then when you stop show the mouse (so you can do cool clickey stuff of course), that part works fine, just the rotate on the X is not working…and im frustrated (about the last 5 hours ive been trying to figure out what i messed up).

Your X and your Y events end in different methods of rotating objects - one seems to rotate self while the other rotates the camera arm. Which one works?

Yes i can switch it over and it does rotate, i guess i came across kind of wrong explaining it (or did not explain it in full, apologies and thank you for quick reply by the way) if i enable add local rotation for the X axis then it rolls the camera sideways, so i was trying to set it so it will not roll the camera but more pan it around the object on the x axis (with the y axis raising and lowering the camera of course, basically an orbital camera). I guess the way to go would be to disable the camera rolling over on its side, how would you go about doing that?

Rather than adding rotation, I would just set rotation directly to be itself + the mouse value * scalar value. In local mode, what may look like pitch to the object from its point of view is roll in world space.

This will also zero out roll every time to ensure that roll is never anything but 0.

oh mother of god thank you so much

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