WYSIWYG character customization system

Hi all! Since leisurely Epic’s submission process is still going, I decide to take advantage of itch.io platform. All errors by Epic’s review are fixed for now.

Product link: WYSIWYG character customisation system


Draft tutorial (you can understand potential of using my stuff):

Technical Details:

  • UE mannequin compatible model
  • Model is about 7000 tris
  • All code is in bluerints
  • Skin, eyes and cosmetics customization
  • Very simple integration workflow
  • No blendshapes - only bones deformations are used
  • Moving/scaling modes (fully ajustable - for every bone you can adjust translation/scaling limits, scaling mode - uniform or not, cursor speed to reach max/min values)
  • Can be used for absolutely different kinds of models(from weapon to aliens)for exampe

Also, during staging process I started working on a major update for this product - adding five hair types and adding sliders to all adjustable parameters. ETA is about one week, I think. Update will be free of charge.

How many drawcalls is a character setup with your system versus one that has zero customization options and is all a single mesh with one texture set(col, nrm, ao, rgs, met) and a relatively simple material? Or better yet how many draw calls is that female character in the video above?

Did you mean that?



(xuse me)

Can’t wait it in the marketplace…