Wwise workflow to build, no sound in build.

Hi guys,
I hope anyone can help.
The problem is that no Sound is playing in the final build although it plays in the editor. Also I cannot see the application in wwise to remote connect.

To investigate this I made a brand new Project (c++) from the first person shooter example. I got this project to play sounds when building a release build. But my project won’t do that. From other / older posts I read that I have to copy generated soundbanks to the release folder but I can’t figure out what and where to copy it.

This is the logoutput from my build.

Does anybody know how to solve that?

Is “S_AkComponent” one of your sounds that is not working? You might want to try reimporting it into the engine or resaving it.

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.01.12-15.28.02:174][  0]LogInit:Display: LogLinker:Warning: Asset '../../../../../../Users/Simon/git/droneracer/Plugins/Wwise/Content/S_AkComponent.uasset' has been saved with empty engine version. The asset will be loaded but may be incompatible.

There are a bunch of other warnings in that log file as well. You may want to search for “warning” and read them all and see if they give you some good clues.

Hey simonides_,

As CleanCut suggested, you will want to search the warning messages you are getting as the plugin you are using is not officially supported by Epic, so there is not much documentation on the process.

I will say I found the official documentation from Wwise on the plugin integration for UE4, so that might help point you in the right direction as well.


The problem was that I didn’t generate the soundbanks in wwise. After that I had to do the same in UE but I can hear the sounds now in the editor and also in builds.

The missing link for me. It is the guide to generate the soundbanks.

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I’ve changed it to your answer.

Hi. I happen to have the similar problem.
Trying to get sound in the Windows build.
Nothing helped above. And the google was stormed.
Soundbanks generated properly both in wwise and UE 4.18.1
Here is the message
[1]: 221387-111444.png

Will be grateful for any recommendations?

I haven’t tried it in 4.18 yet. Also I don’t remember the exact steps.
But I remember that there are two options to add WWise to the project. Maybe try both. We added it to the project dir and not to the global one because of path problems. The error message looks like something is missing there. If you have it under source control and want to add it to the project dir you have to add many object files that you normally would discard. So maybe add wwise on one machine build it and if it works commit and check on a different checkout if everything is there.