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Hello everyone!

Sorry I am not a coder and I am on the sound design end of things. My UE4 is integrated to wwise and I am trying to figure out how to play new custom events in UE4. I can drag and drop the events that are already created in the demo and they will work. I can even change the files to my new sounds. But when I try and create my own events for my sounds, I can’t even play them in the side panel where the maps are, where on the other hand the demo events work. Has anyone here have had this problem before? I followed everything with the workflow instructions.


UE4 and wwise

Does anyone know how to set up game states on the UE4 side?


wwise/UE4 logic

Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out the logic in changing switches. For example in the demo level you press H and L and it switches it from high to low. Is there anyway to make one key do it all. something along the logic of “if switch is set to Asound and RMB is pressed set it to Bsound” or “If Already Bsound set to Asound”. I can’t find anything that would do this for me.


wwise and UE4

dose anyone know how to see the attenuation spheres that wwise creates in UE4 and while the game is running in real time.
it is shown about 6 minutes in this video.

Thank you


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