wwise and ue4 failing to build

hey there,

I’ve tried about ten times now to get this to build and every single time I’ve ended up with the same errors. I’ve tried fresh installs of wwise, I’ve tried using older versions of ue4 and wwise, and still the same errors.

“The command: build\batchfile\rebuild.bat\ue4editor_win64_development -waitmutex” exited with code 5"

“failed to produce item: unrealengine\engine\binaries\win64\ue4editor-akaudio.dll”

“Cannot open input file: akmp3source.lib”

any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been trying this for a few days now with no luck, I can’t seem to find any information online either.

Hey Moon_Beast-

You can find instructions to install WWise and set it up with UE4 here: https://github.com/audiokinetic/WwiseUE4Integration This should help you get started.