WUT?! No prompt to choose installation folder when first downloading Unreal Engine?

Taking the first step shouldn’t be a task.

Anyone know how to change the installation folder? I don’t have 7 GB on my C drive.

That’s weird, I haven’t got the public version yet but my version asked me for a folder I’m sure of it.

SSD Primary drive by any chance? I had the same issue :wink:

When I ran the Installer for the launcher I was prompted to pick a folder, and I picked my (o) drive.

However now I need to install the UE4 engine itself. I start the download but am not asked to determine an install destination. It is reverting back to the default (C) drive and 7 GB is too much.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Bloodmoore,

The main Unreal Engine install (7GB) should be in your O drive, under the same root folder that you selected in the installer and will be in the “\4.0” directory. The sample projects are auto installed to your “MyDocuments\Unreal Projects” folder, however.

I was definitely asked which HDD to install to. Try the install process again.