WUT?! No prompt to choose installation folder when first downloading Unreal Engine?

Taking the first step with UE4 shouldn’t be a task.

Anyone know how to change the installation folder?

I’d love to know that! Got just 3gb on my C:/ ssd drive =/

I was wrong! The UE4 actually does get installed in the same folder as the one selected. It was just some confusing pop up about my C: drive being a default folder for some other kind of file.

Might want to make this less confusing. lol

no problems here, seemed to work pretty much like every other application I’ve installed… :slight_smile:

Actually, while I can select custom directory for Projects/maps, it seems like I can not, no matter what I do, change the directory of the sample projects downloaded from the Marketplace. They always go onto User Docs on C:, which in my case is a pretty small SSD. Is there something I missed? Can’t change it anywhere.

Same for me, it is annoying, maybe someone could change it since we got the source code and all, I just don’t know which file it is…

I’m in the same boat with a small SSD for C:

If it’s true you can’t save projects to any other drive then this is a killer for me.

Same for me. Hopefully they give us an alternative solution soon.


You can always move the downloaded projects if you need to and just load them up like regular projects, just copy their folders to another location. unlike UDK there aren’t any restrictions on where the projects can be located, providing they all have the correct folder structure of course.

In my case, my Marketplace content always downloaded to my install location, under the ‘Templates’ folder. This was beta though, I’m not sure if public has changed that yet.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your posts. We are aware that there is an issue in regards to the marketplace having a concrete download location on the C drive and we are looking for a solution to the problem.

Have a great day!