WTF is... Cascade Modules

hmm… I thought I made a thread for this but for the life of me I cant find it.
So here goes!

WTF IS… Cascade Modules!

I picked this up a while ago but due to being very busy with real life (or fighting it :p) I had to pause most stuff I wanted to do for the community.
Every “episode” I will try to explain a cascade module to the best of my current knowledge.
If I learn that my understandings of said module where wrong, or I learn something new I will create a new video about it as well.

I already made a few videos and will share them here as well.
Whole playlist: Wtf is... Cascade Modules - YouTube

Video 1:
WTF is… Cascade’s Detail and Required Module

Video 2:
WTF is… Cascade’s Spawn Module

Video 3:
WTF is… Cascade’s Lifetime Module

Video 4:
WTF is… Cascade’s Initial size Module

Video 5:
WTF is… Cascade’s Initial Location Module

Video 6:
WTF is… Cascade’s Initial Velocity Module

Video 7:**
WTF is… Cascade’s Color over Life Module

hmm if only I could get some posts as reserve for the upcoming dozens of videos :stuck_out_tongue: