Wrongly suspended and receiving automated responses in support chat

I hope this can find the relevant person who can assist me as I’m completely lost on how to resolve my issue

I recently received an email stating I was suspended from the Island Creator Program because my islands “received a significant number of enforcement actions based on our Fortnite Island Creator Rules, specifically for violating our rule: 1.15 Align with Fortnite’s Game Rating.”

I have only received ONE enforcement action, which was in regards to a flagged asset which I promptly removed from my island. The asset in question I believe was acceptable to use in accordance with the game rules; despite this my appeal was rejected. Is it possible to look into this case further?

Firstly, I believe my appeal was rejected on an automated basis, as it is in alignment with the Fortnite Creator rules. If this could be looked into again and adjusted, that would be great.

Secondly, I don’t understand why I’ve been suspended on the grounds of receiving a “significant number” of violations, when as of today I have only received ONE violation. And again, I promptly removed this asset prior to appealing the case.

I believe I’ve been treated unfairly in this regard and would love to assist in the ongoing issue with any supporting evidence required. I will cooperate fully and am fully committed to the Island Creator Program and want to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently; so please, let me help in this investigation in any way needed.

I have had suspensions in the past as well; I guess I got lucky with support staff on those occasions as I received a notice that my suspension was applied incorrectly; and it was removed after I received that email. This makes me suspect the same thing has happened here. I’m convinced the suspension was made incorrectly (perhaps some false flags triggered an automated system), and believe that if I can reach somebody who can take a proper look into my account status they will discover this suspension is incorrect.

Please do let me know if I can help in any way to resolve this issue!