Wrong texture sampler number in UE 5 . 2

Hi! I have a project that work since 4.21. The materials using 16/16 texture sampler. But in UE 5 . 2 this materials doesn’t work. They say [sm6] Shader using to many texture sampler 17/16. If I remove one and try to save it I get the same answer again. If I remove one again, It works. The material graph showing the correct number only when I try to save get this message:\ Any idea what is changed?

Hi, We have the same problem!

Actualy I solved it. In my material there was textures that has very similar values in the RGB channels so I used the blue and alpha to repleace my ORM texture(and used the Red to repleace the Blue). No noticable changes, but the material works. Maybe it helps to you to.