wrong spawn

Hi all…
My blueprint rifle should spawn like this
But istead it spawn like this
Mare smaller and at the wrong position

-how do you attach the weapon? -> picture
-are you sure that you use the same size for your mesh/blueprint? (e.g probably you have scaled it in your bp) :slight_smile:

i ve sclaed it but in the preview…how i can do the same size? i can’t have a preview there too or i wrong?

Then you also have to scale the mesh -> from where do you spawn it/do you use an actor bp for your weapon? :slight_smile:

yes i use it…I ve created Approximately the location roll and scale…but is not good…i need do rightly how in the preview…there is no a way to do it?

I dont know a way how you can do that in an easy way → just scale it - test - scale it again - test - … :slight_smile:
Normally you should create the mesh with the right scale so that you dont have to scale it in the engine

ok so test is the only way…thanks :smiley: