Wrong Shadows

hello i have a problem with shadows, i have a flashlight and i am getting wrong shadows. The problem is with lights too.

Look at the two screenshots and tell me what to do!

any help?

Please its really important!! Help!!

Guys come on! None knows how to fix it?

What the hell is wrong with you guys? Can’t just someone help me?

Heeeelp i want to finish my game guys!!!

Did you try to build your level lighting?

there is a drop down menu beside the build option . set the lighting quality to production and then hit build lighting option . If you are still having issues we’ll see what can be done. But please try this

Ok, first thanks for replying. I build the light my level lighting but in preview because i don’t want to do it at production first. I will build it in production and i will tell you. :slight_smile:

But in preview mode the lighting quality will not be good but yeah try.

guys i didn’t fix it with the building on production. what can i do now?

Screenshots do not look very informative. You might as well provide more in-depth info on your problem, if you expect assistance.

Here are a few vids about light rendering



try and increase the ‘Light map resolution’ of your Static Mesh which the shadow lies. For e.g in this case, it’ll be walls and floors?
Or different solution is to use Dynamic Light, but be careful with populating Dynamic lights, it can eat away your fps.


guys i messed up look at this image. Now the outside is bright and inside the building still have the same problem.

The outside needs to be a lot more darker.

ok i fixed the ouside light but i still have the problem with the shadows. none of the above helped. :confused: