Wrong rotate for top-down mode

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post! I have a problem that you’ll probably seem simple for you. I try to allow the camera to rotate in a top-down game mode. The problem is that the camera rotate, but less than a thousandth of second later it returns to the initial position!

Let me show you my blueprint:

I take the initial top-down proposed by Unreal.

If there is a lack of information or anything else, do not hesitate to ask! Thank you for your help.

The camera keeps going back to it’s original position, because your Spring R variable holds the initial value it had at begin play. So everytime you end up adding 10.0 to the yaw of the original rotation rather than the current value of the rotation. As a result it cannot go past an additional yaw of 10.0. You can take care of it in either of the following ways:

  1. Get the relative rotation ‘Spring R’ directly from the player character everytime it’s being called, or
  2. Update the value of ‘Spring R’ with the output from Make Rot everytime you set a new relative rotation for the Spring Arm.
    I’ve attached screenshots of both the cases below: