Wrong reconstruction


Modeling a 2 floor room with RC, i’m running into an issue: the stair is misplaced… Can you help me understand how my results can be that wrong and what can i do to solve it?

What i tried so far:
adding pictures, didnt work that good… and i have now a lot (642, then 750, now 905)
Images were effectively added to scene, but same (exact same) errors stayed (i did delete the cache before and started from scratch) then i decided to split the wrong parts, running alignment on parts and then recompose… splitting did help me, but others errors came…

here are some printscreens to get a better idea:





So after all that, i decided to take only the good bottom part, (with xmp, on draft mode) and rerun from scratch with the all photo set.

here is the result:


So what’s the best strategy to solve this please?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Aure
it would be best to see it with my own eyes. Send me an email so that we can solve this.

Hi Aure.

As you see your walls have repetable pattern. In this case feature detection process can have too much false positive errors.
You should select wrong tie points with points lasso, find images, and set on some of this images manual control points. And run alignment again. This will allow RC properly align your cameras.