Wrong place?

So im brand new to making mods and the ideas i have i feel like are pretty ambitious lol. Do people team up on modding or is there someone that teaches?

There is a sub forum section for threads regarding teaming up & threads where others are looking for help :slight_smile:

Everyone is helping each other out for the most part in terms of sharing knowledge. I’d suggest checking out tutorials for UE4 in general depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

I highly reccommend checking out this stickied thread for tutorials. PS: There is section at the bottom of “Where to get started?” where there is a link to a major amount of useful tutorials & what not for UE4 & the ADK that myself and the community have been compiling

im mainly wondering how to change individual aspects of certain things, IE make the industrial grill cook something other than meat

Not sure personally on that. Haven’t messed with the grill at all. Is it possible? Absolutely, and I don’t think that should be too difficult honestly. Have a look at its PrimalInventoryComponent under its components section to get an idea of how it works in that regard :slight_smile: