Wrong Level Sequence renders

Hi all, I’ve set up three different level sequences to show off three distinct, separate spaces in my building. I’m aiming to render out a movie.

When I first made them and did a test render of each, all three rendered fine. But now I can’t seem to get either of the first two sequences to render again. Whichever one I open up and have active, it always renders the one I made most recently. I select the Camera Cut and have the camera icon highlighted, so it looks active in the main view, plays okay in the viewport, but then hitting Render Movie always starts rendering the third sequence.

I’ve even added all three into a master Level Sequence to combine them, but it still just renders the last of the three.

I’m using Camera Cuts. My start and end timecodes are fine (the green and red lines). There’s no scripting messing with it.

What am I doing wrong? How do I tell it which of the three sequences to render?