Wrong information in official Unreal Engine 4.25 Android SDK installation guideline

I am currently deploying a Win Server machine as our packaging node which does not has a graphic card, therefore I have to config everything through cmd. When I tried to config the path of Android SDK/NDK, in UE official documentation, it says:

“When these fields are left blank, they fall back on a set of default paths used by the installation process in the previous sections. If you have multiple installations of these components, or have installed them in non-standard directories, you can manually provide their paths here. Alternatively, you can open DefaultEngine.ini and provide them under the [/Script/AndroidPlatformEditor.AndroidSDKSettings] section.”

However, the right file should be BaseEngine.ini instead of DefaultEngine.ini. There is only one signle BaseEngine.ini under path UE_4.25/Engine/Config, but there are like two dozens of DefaultEngine.ini files everything. I wasted a lot of time until I found the answer somewhere else. Please fix this mistake if possible.

Hey Toby Wu, I’m sorry to hear that this is giving you trouble. I’ve added your feedback to a ticket and passed it along to the rest of the Docs team. Hopefully we can get this looked at and updated soon. Thanks again and please let us know if you spot anything else like this that looks off.