Wrong Gameplay Classes metadata syntax


Under Class Declaration, the syntax for declaring metadata specifiers is statet as

 UCLASS([specifier, specifier, ...], [meta(key=value, key=value, ...)]) 

where it actually is (for 4.20 at least)

 UCLASS([specifier, specifier, ...], [meta**=**(key=value, key, ...)]) 

I’d also suggest to have the second key value without value asignment, because there are valid specifiers that don’t have values.

Thank you, we’ll make that change to our documentation.

Just had a look, the fix to the documentation is still missing. There has to be an equals sign behind the meta keyword, otherwise it gives a compiler error, at least with 4.20 on my setup. So

... meta = (...

would be correct. Or am I missing something?